The human body, it’s shapes and surfaces, human sexuality, relationships, and domesticity are primary narratives throughout my work. My pottery envelops these ideas in shape and surface, and I’m interested in the ways in which people interact with their own bodies, their daily habits, and how that translates to the way they handle objects. My work is hand-built functional pottery, decorated with colorful combinations of underglaze, underglaze pencil, and figurative imagery. My figurative drawings inform the shapes and patterns I incorporate in my ceramic work, which consisting of soft, malleable forms. The viewer is encouraged to touch and discover through interacting with the pot and the many intimate moments it has within the surface.

I play with a variety of textures and patterns in my work that imitate the soft atmosphere of the body and its interactions with other forms. I replicate the irregularities in skin and focus on creating visual texture and tactile surfaces. Surface decorations made using underglaze and repetitious line indulge my love of color, while drawings and sgraffito are incorporated throughout all of my work as a way to blend narrative and personal aesthetics.

I’m interested in the surface as a canvas, and focus on details and moments of intimacy. I translate this through warm colors, shapes, lumps, lines, and repetition. In life, these would emulate skin, hairs, bumps, scars, and things that people might consider imperfections in our bodies. I find these to be unique and important to each person, and I want to replicate this with my forms. My goal is to create small, functional works that fit neatly within someone else's life and can be worked into a daily routine, and bring the user a sense of comfort.